Policies & Procedures



TUITION IS DUE THE 1ST OF EVERY MONTH and can be paid by cash, money order, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Paypal, CashApp. Tuition remains the same whether it is a long (5 lesson) month or a short (3 lesson) month and regardless of absences. It is not prorated for Holiday months. Tuition is based on a 10 month season and payments are broken down monthly. A late fee will be added to your account on the 11th of each month that tuition is late. If no payment has been made by the 15th of the month an email will be sent to the parent name registered on account to make an arrangement to pay unpaid tuition. Students with delinquent accounts of 30 days or more will be put on class probation or dismissed from Studio Detroit Dance Center. Accounts must be paid in full to participate in the recital or to register for a new dance season. 


There are no refunds or credits given if a student is absent from class. You are able to make-up classes within the same month if there are any cancellations on the studio's behalf due to emergency weather or building conditions. In the event that your usual instructor is absent, another qualified member of our staff will be available to substitute. If a substitute cannot be provided, either the class will be rescheduled as a whole by the instructor or you will receive a per lesson credit towards your next month’s registration. If you are unable to attend class or will be late please notify us by email StudioDetroit313@gmail.com. Being on time for classes is very important here at SDDC we ask that students arrive at least 10 minutes before class. This time is needed to properly prepare for class (to put on uniform and shoes and settle in). Attendance can and will affect students with respect to learning routines or being placed in performances at full capacity.

Make-Up Classes

SDDC offers makeup classes to those who provide advanced notice and request a make-up! Check the schedule or ask when your student can make-up a class if your child can't make it on the assigned day. In addition to either an in-person or phone conversation, please email SDDC at StudioDetroit313@gmail.com with information on your absence. We will reply to the message letting you know when they came make-up the class. We also offer make-up classes for inclement weather or unplanned events that may occur during the year. 

Additional Fees

Studio registration fees are due at the time of registration. Costume fees will be required for our Winter and Spring recitals. All fees are non-refundable. Details will be available separately.

Termination of Lessons

A two-week notice is required to discontinue any lessons. Withdrawal must be done in the portal, in-person, by phone or by emailing StudioDetroit313@gmail.com. Students who have not been properly dropped from our systems will still acre tuition costs for their most recent registered classes and their parents/guardians will be responsible for those costs. Students who withdraw in the middle of the dance season MUST pay any unpaid tuition that was owed before withdrawing. Any unpaid tuition left before withdrawal will be sent to a collections agency.


Proper uniform and shoes are mandatory at Studio Detroit Dance Center. In order to allow a grace period to adjust to each new season, SDDC requires all students to be in full uniform and correct shoes by October 1st. If students are not appropriately dressed for class, teachers may ask the student to watch class until they are in full dance uniform.