Uniform Requirements


Students who do not adhere to uniform rules may be asked to sit out and watch class for the day.

Twinkle Tots, Twinkle Toes, Tumbling & Pop

Shoes: Pink leather ballet shoes *Black Mary Jane beginner tap shoe  

Leotard: Any color leotard (ballet skirt, tutu, dance shorts)

Tights: pink or tan tights

Hair: Any style but hair must be pulled off of face, beads must also be tied up in ponytail (I do not recommend hair balls or styles that are on top of student's head if they are in Tumbling)

Primary Ballet

Shoes: Pink ballet shoes (leather)   

Leotard: Black Leotard (black or pink ballet skirt, tutu)

Tights: pink or tan tights

Hair: Hair pulled off of face

Ballet I, Ballet II, Ballet III, Pointe

Shoes: Pink ballet shoes (leather)  

Leotard: Black leotard (black ballet skirt ok)

Tights: tan tights

Hair: Ponytail or bun

Acrobatics/ Tumbling Classes

Shoes: No Shoes Needed

Tight fitting dance attire or gymnastics attire

Tights: Tan or none

Hair: pulled back off face low ponytail or bun

Jazz Classes

Shoes: Black LACE-LESSjazz shoe

Leotard: Solid Black Leotard ( black dance shorts, jazz pants ok)

Tights: Tan tights

Hair: Ponytail or bun

Hip-Hop Classes

Shoes: Black & white Converse Chuck high or low top style shoe (can also be purchased at Target, Payless)

Clothing: Loose fitting dance attire (sweat pants, leggings, tank top, t-shirt)

Hair: Pulled off of your face


Lyrical, Praise Angels

Shoes: NO shoes required

Leotard: Black leotard (dance shorts, jazz pants, dance skirt)

Tights: Tan tights

Hair: Ponytail or bun


Shoes: Black lace up tap shoe (not a beginner patent leather tap shoe)

Leotard: Black leotard (dance shorts, jazz pants ok)

Tights: Tan tights

Hair: Ponytail or bun


Sourcing Uniforms

Additional Options

Studio Detroit Dance Center (SDDC) is aware that dance can be a costly endeavor for parents. As such, SDDC offers several alternative options to assist parents with ensuring their dancers are adhering to uniform policies.

Dance tights, warm-up suits & duffle bags

SDDC offers dance attire at a more affordable rate compared to industry standards. Parents in need of new tights, a personalized SDDC warm-up suit and duffle bag can purchase these items through the studio. Tights are available for same-day purchase and warm-up gear and duffle bags must be ordered.

Shoe Purchase Program

If parents are in need of appropriate shoes for their dancers, please see a member of SDDC staff in order to purchase a new pair of dance shoes directly from the studio. Shoes will become available for purchase through studiodetroitdance.com at a later date.

Loaner Shoe Program

SDDC operates a loaner shoe program that allows students who have forgotten their dance shoes to use a loaner pair from the studio and return them upon the end of their class.

We also welcome parents to donate gently used dance shoes that their dancers can no longer fit to the program to ensure that their child along with other students have every system of support at their disposal to be a successful dance student at SDDC.

SDDC understands that dance shoes can pose a significant financial impact—especially when a student participates in more than one course. On a case-by-case basis, SDDC will also facilitate the exchange of one pair of gently used shoes for another to avoid having to purchase a new pair once your students have outgrown theirs. For more details on this, please speak with an instructor or staff member in person at least 15 minutes prior to your child’s scheduled dance class.