Our Team

Studio Detroit boasts a rich variety of experience and passion for the art of dance. This close-knit and ambitious team can help you or your little one realize an untapped potential for creative expression through movement or to simply embrace and hone the skills that you have already discovered. Whatever your dance desires, Let the City be Your Stage at SDDC!


Angela Blocker

A native of Detroit, Angela Blocker began dancing at the age of 4 years old. Formally instructing dance courses for young children since she was 15, Angela always held a passion for dance. With almost than 20 years of instructing experience under her belt, Angela now owns and operates Studio Detroit Dance Center minutes away from the heart of her hometown.


Najee Clarke


Rae Chevy

Rae Curtis is a full time bawse with an initiative. She was dancing before she even considered walking. You could have seen her with many dance companies including her home team (Melodic Nocturne), Maximum Energy Senior and Open Competitive Team and so on. This future sports anchor/ media specialist has her own company and is ending her 23rd year of life. She is a natural born leader. On and off stage she is a firecracker bringing you nothing but fierce expressions and a show worth watching. She brings motivation, discipline and unity to the team. There will be no failing when Chevy is around.


Alyssa Hope

From a very young age, Alyssa trained in all styles of dance, winning many top state and national awards for both group and solo performances along the way. In past years, she won 1st place national champions at Nexstar Dance Competition with her duet partner and competitive groups. Teaching all genres of dance to both competitive and recreation students, her strengths are contemporary, jazz, and technique. At age 15 she took the opportunity to perform on international waters for Royal Caribbean cruise lines for two separate summers. She has also trained at many well-known dance convention workshops and teacher seminars throughout the years; some at which she was awarded an L.G. Award scholarship to dance for the LA Lakers Girls, along with an Around The World scholarship to dance for Stiletto Entertainment on cruise line productions. Alyssa strives to shape the hearts and minds of students dancing in Metro Detroit, priding herself on not just being a dance teacher, but a role model and life coach for all her students. She is very excited to share her knowledge and passion for dance with her students!


Arnell Kinney

Arnell Kinney’s scholarly achievements and artistry in the dance industry led her to pursue dance instruction. She is an honors student studying dance at Wayne State University and on the executive board of POISE fashion club. Studying dance and anthropology, she looks forward to traveling the world while learning about various cultures through the arts